American Made Vs. Chinese Made Industrial Tires

American Made Industrial Tires Vs. Chinese Made Industrial Tires


The age-old question of foreign vs. domestic is one that we battle with often. Tires are the foundation of any piece of equipment you may be using thus, choosing which tires to purchase is a crucial decision. For many, little thought goes in tires as long as there round and black with some tread on them we are fine but, they are much more then black donuts. The performance of the tire comes from the compound that makeup the tire. So lets take a look at the differences between Chinese and U.S. manufactures to help make a more informed decision.

Buying American Made Industrial Tires is much better right?

We all know and understand the benefits of buying American – Quality. Any U.S. product invests huge amount of engineering into the compounds that make up the tire. This translates to safe long lasting tires. American made products have standards and regulations that are required of every tire produced leaving you with peace of mind when purchasing U.S. tires. The downfall of all this is the end cost of the tire. This comes from not only the science and standards required of each tire but also, the higher manufacturing costs that go into producing a product in the U.S.: which all adds up to a higher price at checkout. This is why many are looking for an alternative.

Chinese Made Industrial Tires offer Affordability

People are weary of products coming out of China due to the quality of some of these products that have come out in the past (lead-laced toys, tainted toothpaste, and other recalled products) but, the main selling point of Chinese tires are their affordability – which merit a second look into the tires.  Simply because something is manufactured in China does not inevitably make it worthless. In fact many U.S. companies manufacture in China for the simple reason that producing there is much cheaper and this savings is passed onto the consumer. Specifically, a tire from a well-known company that is “Chinese-made,” or produced in China, the practices and materials are identical regardless of where they are being manufactured. So the quality remains the same but at a lower cost to the consumer.

Look at China before making your final decisions – Save your Money!

In the end buying American is a safe purchase but when it comes to price Chinese tires deserve a second look. The U.S. performs tests and hold standards on any tires sold in the country including Chinese produced tires. So take a look at China before making your final decisions.