Backhoe tires for sale

Backhoe Tires for Sale

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If you are looking for backhoe tires for sale, you have come to the right place at BackhoeTires.Net! We have the top selection of tires for your backhoe and heavy equipment, priced to save you money. If you are looking for tires for your Case, Cat, John Deere backhoe or for any other major brand of backhoe, we have what you are looking for. The main question today is should you buy New Backhoe Tires or Used Backhoe Tires?

Backhoe Tires For Sale
Backhoe Tires For Sale

When you shop for backhoe tires, there are a lot of different things you have to keep in mind to make sure you select the tires that will be best for you, your machinery, and your business. You have to make sure you are getting tires that will fit your specific make and model of backhoe, because not all backhoe tires are made the same size. You also have to make sure that you get tires that are ideally suited to the work site you are going to be using them on. The tread required to navigate concrete surfaces safely is very different from the tread required to navigate loose soil safely. You also should make sure you know what the manufacturer’s warranty is for your tires, so you know exactly what coverage and protection you have if something goes wrong with your tires. Here at BackhoeTires.Net, we are here to help you get the most out of your backhoe tire shopping experience.

Different Kinds of backhoe tires for sale

There are many companies that make backhoes, and each makes several models of backhoe. The last thing you want when you are buying backhoe tires is to have the tires arrive and not fit on your backhoe. When you order backhoe tires from BackhoeTires.Net, make sure you tell us exactly what make and model of backhoe you have, so that we can be sure to give you the right tires for your equipment.

Backhoe Tire Tread Types

There are lots of different work sites that you might need to use a backhoe on. You might need to be able to steer securely on loose soil. You might need to be able to drive on loose gravel without having your backhoe slip. You might need to be able to navigate wet and slippery concrete without endangering your crew or your equipment. There are different kinds of backhoe tires available that are created specifically for different work sites like these.

Obviously you aren’t going to buy a separate set of tires for each work site you will use your equipment at. But you can buy tires that are made for the majority of work sites you will work at. You can also buy universal tires that perform well in all situations, which will allow you to work at many different kinds of work sites. Of course, a tire designed specifically for concrete will outperform a universal tire on a concrete surface, but a universal tire will let you then move to a gravel surface or a loose soil surface.

You are the best judge of the style of backhoe tire tread you need. We can help you make the decision. We have years of expertise in helping construction professionals just like you get the backhoe tires they need to get the job done.

Backhoe Tires for Sale (Old Vs. New)

One of the biggest decisions that customers have to make when it comes to buying backhoe tires is the decision whether to invest in new backhoe tires, or save on used backhoe tires. We are here to help you understand the implications of buying each kind of tire so that you can make the beds decision for you and your company.

New backhoe tires are shiny and perfect, like everything that comes straight off the store shelves. Many people gain a lot of peace of mind knowing that no one else has used the tires before them. New tires don’t even have an hour of wear on them. They haven’t even been on a machine yet. There is absolutely no way that a previous owner could have caused damage and then sold them to you.

New backhoe tires also often have manufacturer’s or distributor’s warranties, so that if anything goes wrong with them they will be replaced. Make sure to ask about the warranty on any new tires you buy, so that you know what protections you have.

Used backhoe tires, on the other hand, save you lots of money. You can get a set of used backhoe tires for a fraction of the price you would pay for new tires. That is a significant savings when you consider how much it costs to replace any part of a backhoe, or any piece of heavy equipment for that matter.

But many customers worry that used backhoe tires would be worn out. This is actually not true. We do not sell used backhoe tires once another owner has worn the tread down and damaged them. If they are too worn out to be of use to another owner, they are too worn out to be of use to you.

Instead, most of our used backhoe tire sales happen because the previous owner accidentally ordered the wrong size or style. Once they put the tires on their equipment they discovered their mistake, but by then we couldn’t re-sell them as new. So you get to benefit from their mistake, and you get tires that were barely even used.

Here at BackhoeTires.Net, we have two criteria for used backhoe tires. First, they have to have been used only for 10 hours or less. Second, they have to pass our rigorous examination to make sure they are completely functional and in excellent condition. When you buy used backhoe tires from BackhoeTires.Net, you are getting tires that are just as good as new, but at a fraction of the price.

Contact us today and let us help you get the new or used backhoe tires you need to get your equipment rolling again!