Benefits of Using Rubber Tracks

Benefits of Using Rubber Tracks

Skid Steer Tires and Tracks

There are many benefits of using rubber tracks on your Compact Track Loaders (CTL), Mini-Excavators and Skid Steer Loaders (which can be outfitted with Over The Tire Tracks – OTTs). At BackhoeTires.Net, we use for our Rubber Skid Steer Tracks and Mini Excavator Tracks. If you have any questions about the quality or brand of tracks that we carry, please fill free to contact us at anytime.

  • Higher Speeds

Rubber tracks offer higher speeds than, for instance, steel tracks due to the lower level of vibration that they generate. They also make it much easier for equipment to glide over obstacles than if you used tires.

  • Reduced Noise

Lower vibration also means that heavy equipment operate on reduced noise levels. Lower vibration also contributes in increasing the service life of the equipment in the long run.

  • Operator Comfort

Operators can enjoy a smoother, quieter and more stable ride over different types of terrain when operating heavy equipment outfitted with rubber tracks. This, in turn, increases operator’s efficiency under a wide range of working conditions.

  • Less Ground Damage

Rubber tracks do not damage the ground like steel tracks would. They produce lower ground disturbance and tend to move more easily on concrete surfaces.

  • Better Overall Operational Capabilities

Rubber tracks offer better traction and are easier to maneuver at any speed. Rubber tracks offer a larger ground contact surface area than tires. This distributes the weight of your CLT or Mini-Excavator more evenly, preventing your equipment from sinking into certain terrains (like mud or snow) and getting stuck.

At, we specialize in supplying only premium, wear and tear- resistant rubber tracks for your Compact Track Loaders (CTL) and Mini Excavators at extremely affordable prices. Our rubber tracks are produced in state-of-the-art facilities adhering to the highest standards and they are extensively tested to ensure the highest quality. By using our premium grade rubber tracks, you will avoid common issues like untimely/early track failure and you will reduce the possibility of downtime for your heavy equipment. Call us today to get a quote that fits your application needs and favors your budget!