Buying New or Used Backhoe Tires

What to know when considering New or Used Backhoe Tires

New Vs Used Backhoe Tires
New Vs Used Backhoe Tires

Are you one of the many construction professionals who occasionally wears out backhoe tires on the job site? We’re here to help you at BackhoeTires.Net. Working with worn-down tires is dangerous and can cause you to have to pay fines, or worse, cause personal injury to you or your workers. But keeping new tires on your backhoe can become a very expensive prospect.

  • USED: Many people solve this problem by investing in used backhoe tires instead of always buying new. You can save a lot of money on used backhoe tires.
  • NEW: New backhoe tires have the benefit of peace of mind. You know that no one else has used the tires before you, and you know you are protected by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Buying Used Backhoe/ Tractor Tires?

Used backhoe tires, tractor tires and heavy equipment tires give you significant savings on quality that can be just as good. Some used backhoe tires come from people who accidentally ordered the wrong size of tire and discovered their error after they installed the tires on their backhoe (this is very rare but is does happen). It is incredibly rare to find used backhoe tires that have less than 10 hours of work on them. What this means for you is that all of the used backhoe tires and tractor tires you will probably find, will be in either poor or scrap condition. If you can find used backhoe tires and tractor tires that have thick tread, no damage, and will perform like new, THEN BUY THEM! They may have scuff marks and cosmetic signs of wear, but once you get them on your backhoe you won’t be able to tell the difference between them and a brand new set. With this being said, it is very hard to find used backhoe tires and tractor tires with these traits.

Make sure the used tires have been inspected and are legal for use

Here at BackhoeTires.Net, we recommend that if you do buy used backhoe tires or used tractor tires, do a thorough inspection of all area before you buy them. You want to do business that can guarantee your satisfaction with your purchase, so make sure you are asking the important questions.

  • Important questions to ask when buying used:
  • What is the condition of the tire?
  • Why did the original owner sell them?
  • What percentage of tread do the tires have?
  • What is the tire ply?
  • Do they offer a warranty?
  • Do they offer a guarantee?
  • Are they legal to operate on your job site (per your state requirements)

Buying New Backhoe/ Tractor Tires?

When you are buying new tires, you can make sure to order the size, ply and style that will fit your backhoe make and model. You should also order a tread style that will work for the type of work site you usually work on. Whether you choose new backhoe tires or used backhoe tires for your next purchase, we have a list of great heavy equipment tire manufacturers and tire suppliers with great deals on the tires you need. Contact us today if you have any questions and let us help you select the right tires for your construction business!

The best part about buying new is that you have piece of mind knowing your tires are brand new and knowing where they came from. Trusting the tread your machine is running on is just as important as the person operating the equipment. Its pretty self explanatory right?

New tires are just better than used tires.