Case backhoe tires

Case Backhoe Tires

Case Backhoe Tires Size, Tread Types and Brands

Whether you run a construction business or just need to be able to move dirt and load heavy stuff, a Case backhoe is an invaluable piece of equipment. But your backhoe is only as reliable as the tires that it rolls on. If the traction is getting slippery or the tread is wearing down, you risk injury to yourself or your workers, not to mention damage to your equipment or anything else in the vicinity.

Case Backhoe Tires
Case Backhoe Tires

In fact, working on a job site with old or worn out tires can land you with fines and penalties, specifically because of the safety risks that it causes. You don’t save money by leaving your old tires on your Case backhoe until they are too worn to drive anymore. You just increase your risks. If your Case backhoe tires are starting to show some wear, the time to replace them is now, especially with the great savings we have for you here at BackhoeTires.Net!

Case backhoe tire brands

When we talk about Case backhoe tires, we’re not talking about tires that are made by the Case company. Case specializes in making heavy equipment, not in making tires. We are talking about tires that are made to go on Case backhoes. We carry a lineup of the top brands in heavy equipment tires here at BackhoeTires.Net, so you can be sure to get exactly the tires you need for your Case backhoe.

Case backhoe tire styles

Just as there are different brands of tires that will fit on a Case backhoe, there are also different styles of tires. The type of backhoe tire tread you choose will affect how your machine performs. Some kinds of tread are ideal for concrete work sites, while others are best for gravel and still others can handle loose soil with ease. Whatever kind of worksite you will primarily be using your Case backhoe on, we can help you find the style of tire that will be best for it.

Case backhoe tire options

If your Case backhoe has worn down tires, you will need to replace all of them. Predictably, our biggest sellers are sets of 4 tires. But using your Case backhoe for specific jobs may result in the front tires wearing out faster than the rear tires, or the rear tires wearing out faster than the front tires. Unlike cars, backhoe tires don’t all have to be replaced at the same time, unless they happen to all be worn out at the same time. If your front tires are worn out but your rear tires still have some good use left in them, or vice-versa, you can always just replace the tires that need to be replaced.

Here at BackhoeTires.Net, we offer front tire sets and rear tire sets for your Case backhoe, as well as great savings on replacing your whole set of four tires. Contact us today and let us help you get into the new set of Case backhoe tires you need!

Case backhoe models

Case makes several different models of backhoe, and you can’t assume that the tires that will fit one model will fit another. When you are buying Case backhoe tires, we strongly recommend that you double check your backhoe model to make sure the tires you get will definitely fit on your equipment. There is nothing more frustrating than buying a new set of tires for your Case backhoe, only to find that you accidentally ordered the size for a different backhoe model. At BackhoeTires.Net, we will help you make sure you are getting the tires you need to fit your backhoe, no matter how small or large your equipment is. Just let us know what Case backhoe you have and we will make sure that you get tires that will fit it perfectly.