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Heavy Equipment Tire Suppliers

Top Heavy Equipment Tire Suppliers in the USA for Backhoe Tires

There are many different heavy equipment tires suppliers in the tire industry. If you are going to get the tires you need for your project and your equipment, you need to know what the best suppliers are, who gives you the best quality, and what tires are going to be best for your specific needs.

McLaren Tires

McLaren makes some really great tires for various construction needs. The specific tire you choose is going to depend on the project you have and the surface you are going to be using the tire on.

The Nu-Air AT Series from McLaren is great for all kinds of surfaces. It was designed as an all-terrain tire that you can safely take to pretty much any job site and have it work. Where the Nu-Air AT series really shines, though, is on concrete and asphalt surfaces. It is designed with a large amount of surface area actually touching the ground, which gives it excellent traction on smoother surfaces such as paved areas. If you are looking for tires that will perform great in dirt and pavement alike, the Nu-Air AT Series by McLaren is a fantastic choice.

Michelin Tires

Michelin is a universally known and respected brand of tires. The Michelin XDR series is especially great for heavy equipment. These tires are designed for dump trucks, and they have features that enable you to get your work done by solving problems that dump trucks frequently face. For example, they are designed for movement in all directions, and the treads are constructed to reduce heat.

Apex Tires

The main selling point for Apex Tires is their selection and versatility. There are many different kinds of heavy equipment vehicles on the market. Even within a single category, such as forklifts, there is a huge multitude of different brands and models, and each of them has different specs.

If you get the wrong tire for your equipment, you will have to deal with the frustration of sending it back, re-ordering, and going through the whole hassle of getting new tires again, not to mention the frustration of putting the new tires on the equipment, trying to get them to work, and finally figuring out that you ordered the wrong tires.

Apex Tires makes it easy for you by actually carrying a full line of tires, so that no matter what specs you need, you can find them. You won’t ever have to wonder or guess whether the tires you buy are going to fit.

Camso Tires

Camso Tires are great low-intensity tires. This does not mean they are low quality! They are made from natural rubber, which resists splitting and breaking. It also gives excellent cushioning support, which is helpful for loads that need to be handled with care. Camso Tires aren’t for high intensity work, but they are excellent for a wide variety of low intensity jobs.

Heavy Equipment Tires Suppliers

There are many other heavy equipment tires manufacturers, and even more suppliers that provide tires for your needs. It can be difficult to find the exact tires you are looking for, and even more so to make sure that you have the absolute best tires for your equipment. It is always good to look at reviews of different heavy equipment tires suppliers so you can be sure you are getting great tires that will get the job done for you!