Nu-Air All Terrain Solid Telehandler Tires from McLaren


Nu-Air All Terrain Tires are essentially a bulked-up version of Nu-Air DT tires. They come with 10% more rubber and have a 10% deeper tread lug pattern. These semi-pneumatic tires are specially designed to work on abrasive surfaces such as concrete, asphalt and pavement.

Benefits and Features

  • Great for Lifting Heavy Loads

The additional weight from the extra rubber and deeper treads of the Nu-Air All terrain tire makes them especially well-equipped to handle heavier loads, more so than its DT tire counterpart.

  • Wide Footprint Design

Nu-Air All-Terrain tires have a wider footprint area. This evens out and holds the weight of your equipment, reducing ground contact pressure. This wide tread design extends the service life of your heavy equipment.

  • Works Great on Hard Surfaces

Although they work great on all terrains, Nu-Air AT tires are especially great on hard, abrasive surfaces like concrete, cement and asphalt. You can still enjoy a smooth ride on these on-road applications as well as fantastic traction on off-road job sites. Compared to other semi-pneumatic tire options, they perform better on these hard on-road surfaces with much slower wear on your tires.

  • Air-cushioned Ride Comfort

The multiple-hole rubber tread design provides maximum shock absorption relief, providing a comfortable cushioned ride for a telehandler operator. As a result, productivity and efficiency is maximized as operator fatigue is reduced or eliminated.

  • Highly Durable

The specially engineered rubber compounds, fortified with special additives, make Nu-Air All Terrain tires tough, puncture-resistant and 100% flat-proof. This translates to zero downtime caused by flats and longer wear for your tires. Nu Air semi-pneumatic tires are designed to outlast many pneumatic tires by up to 3 to 5 times.

  • Simple to Install

Nu-Air All-Terrain tires are simple to install. They come with pressed-on rims which means you can have your telehandler outfitted with these tires and running in no time! Just bolt them on to your equipment and you are ready to go!

  • Sizes Available

Nu-Air All-Terrain tires for telehandlers come in following sizes:

  • 5
  • 13×24
  • 14×24

Here at Monster Tires, we offer Nu-Air All-Terrain tires that can be used on a wide selection of popular telehandlers available on the market including CAT, John Deere, Bobcat, CASE and many more. We offer the lowest prices you will find anywhere and we offer reliable customer support should you have any questions. Call us today and let’s get you the best tires so that your telehandler loaders and other heavy equipment function at optimum capacity!