Nu-Air® Dirt Terrain (DT) Solid Telehandler Tires

Nu-Air® Dirt Terrain (DT) Solid Telehandler Tires

Nu-Air Dirt Terrain (DT) tires are extremely versatile and employ McLaren’s leading-edge Semi-Pneumatic Technology in their construction. Outfit your telehandler with these premium telehandler tires to ensure optimal performance and functionality of your telehandler on both on-road and off-road applications!

Benefits and Features

  • Durability

If you are looking for the endurance and imperishability that a solid telehandler tire provides while also enjoying a nice, cushioned ride, consider Nu-Air Dirt Terrain (DT) tires. They are made from a highly-durable rubber compound that has been fortified with additives to ensure that they are puncture and tear resistant. With Nu-Air Dirt Terrain solid tires, you don’t have to worry about flats as they are 100% flat-proof. You save on the maintenance costs associated with repairing flat tires and completely eliminate downtime caused by flats. These tires do not damage easily and are built to last!

  • Superior Traction

The deep-tread surface design of Nu-Air DT tires provides excellent traction on a wide range of off-road terrains such as sand, mud and slippery surfaces. They also provide full grip and stability on sloped or hilly terrains.

  • Versatility

Nu-Air Dirt Terrain (DT) tires can be used on a wide range of heavy equipment, not just telehandlers. Compared to the other McLaren semi-pneumatic tires, they offer the most flexibility and can be used on machines such as backhoes and wheeled excavators.

  • Air-cushioned Ride

Nu-Air DT tire design allows for maximum shock absorption. The multiple, deep-cushioning holes provide relief for the telehandler operator, reducing fatigue and, in turn, boosting productivity. They also reduce strain on your heavy equipment, extending its longevity.

  • Easy Installation

Nu-Air DT tires come with pressed-on rims which makes for easy installation.

  • Self-cleaning Capability

The tread design of Nu-Air DT tires allows for easy self-cleaning as your telehandler navigates tricky terrain such as mud and debris-littered environments. You don’t need to worry about unwanted materials getting lodged in your tires and causing damage.

  • Sizes Available

Nu-Air Dirt Terrain tires come in a range of sizes to fit various makes and models of telehandlers and other heavy equipment. Below are the available sizes for Nu Air Dirt Terrain telehandler tires:

  • 12×16.5
  • 13×24
  • 14×24

Nu-Air Dirt Terrain tires are designed to work with a wide range of telehandlers and other heavy equipment manufactured by leading-edge brands such as Bobcat, CASE, Caterpillar, John Deere, Komatsu and many more! Contact Monster Tires for high-quality Nu-Air Dirt Terrain tires to maximize your telehandler’s performance!