Nu-Air® Rocky Terrain (RT) tires are extreme-duty tires designed to operate in the harshest working conditions. Out of all the tires for telehandlers offered by McLaren, these are the toughest. As the name implies, they are also specially designed to navigate rocky terrains with minimal wear. Equip your telehandler with these premium-quality tires when operating in demanding applications like demolition sites and scrap yards.

Benefits and Features of Nu-Air® Rocky Terrain Telehandler Tires:

  • Semi-Pneumatic Technology™

McLaren’s cutting-edge, hybrid Semi-Pneumatic Technology™ combines the advantages of pneumatic and solid tires. They are specially engineered to be as tough and sturdy as your typical solid tire but are also designed to provide a smooth, cushioned ride like a traditional pneumatic tire.

  • Wide Footprint Design

The machine to ground contact surface area is increased with Nu-Air® RT tires due to their wide footprint design. This minimizes ground pressure as the weight of the telehandler is more evenly distributed. Flotation is enhanced as a result as well as stability.

  • Tough Rubber to Handle Harsh Terrains

Made from layers of tough rubber compounds, RT tires are puncture-proof and wear-resistant. The rubber compounds used contain special anti-aging and anti-cracking additives for extended wear. Nu-Air® RT tires for telehandlers are 100% flat-proof which means that machine downtime due to flats is completely eliminated.

  • Advanced Tread Design for Maximum Traction and Stability

RT tires for telehandlers feature deep tread lugs for maximizing traction on a range of diverse terrains. This special tread pattern allows the tires to really bite into rocky and other terrains, increasing the stability of the telehandler as it operates. Not only is traction maximized but the tread pattern allows the tires to self-clean as they navigate demanding work environments.

  • Sizes Available

McLaren manufactures Nu-Air® Rocky Terrain telehandler tires in size 14×20.

We recommend pairing your telehandlers with these premium tires for optimized performance in rocky or debris-filled applications. RT tires for telehandlers are compatible with most models and makes of telehandlers on the market including those manufactured by top-end names like CAT, Case, John Deere, Mustang, New Holland and Volvo. Speak with one of our representatives today for more information and to get a quote!