September Tire Review for Backhoe Maintenance

September Tire Review for Backhoe Maintenance

Checklist before moving into winter on your Backhoe, Skiploaders and Skid Steers

Just a quick reminder that our local September Tire Review for Backhoe Maintenance closes this Thursday (8/25). If you have been running your machine all year, you want to have your checklist ready to fly before winter. Below is our September Tire Review for Backhoe Maintenance. Plus we will also publish the 2016 Tire Industry Benchmarking Study results in September as well! Please find additional details below.

First Steps for September Tire Review for Backhoe Maintenance

  • Primary Feature – 2016 Tire Industry Benchmarking Study Results
  • Feature: SEMA/GTE Show Preview
  • Service Focus: Brakes
  • Tire Technology
  • Agricultural Tires
  • Marketing Matters
  • You & the Law
  • Proud To Be a Dealer Profile

Plus we will also have a special Simplifying Service – Fall Edition Supplement in September as well (details below)

  • Masters Of Their Craft – Independent Tech Training and Industry Certifications
  • Maintenance: What to do when
  • Tires
  • Understanding tread depth by ability to stop (coin test as sidebar)
  • Extreme Winter (include date ranges and regional considerations of studded tires, chains, battery warmers, remote starts, etc.)
  • Staying Balanced – The services for a smoother ride and longer tire life
  • Tire Translation (reading sidewall, where to find air pressure recommendations, etc.)
  • TPMS – Under Pressure – TPMS why pressure matters and how to measure it
  • Fuel Systems – Fuel system support
  • Oil, Filters & Fluids: 21-point inspection – what’s checked and what it means.
  • Brakes & Rotors: What’s the Noise? Brake and rotors advice
  • Shocks & Struts: What they are, what they do
  • Corrosion: Impacts of the Elements: Map of US and impact of salt, conditions, heat/cold on vehicle health
  • Diagnostic Tools: Vehicle Lights and What they mean

Space closes this Thursday (8/25). Ad materials due by 8/29. Please let us know if you have any questions or if you are interested in participating in the September Tire Review for Backhoe Maintenance.