Solid Smooth Skid Steer Tire Features

Benefits of Solid Smooth Skid Steer Tires

Solid Smooth Skid Steer Tire Features

Items to consider when buying a new set of Solid Skid Steer Tires

Monster Tires offers solid smooth skid steer tires that work great on hard, compact surfaces. They are best suited for terrains where traction is not an issue, as they do not have deep treads. Solid smooth tires are great for operations on asphalt and concrete.

Flat and Puncture Proof

Our solid smooth skid steer tires are made from a high-quality natural rubber compound that is extremely tough, which ensures that the tires are fully protected from flats, tears, and punctures. This reduces machine downtime, boosting productivity and expanding your bottom line. Solid smooth tires have extremely durable and have long wear.

Excellent Performance in Severe Applications

These tires are specially engineered to perform optimally in the harshest of conditions. Use these tires in extreme applications like recycling facilities, demolition sites, scrap yards, and steel plants. They perform optimally on dry, smooth hard surfaces.

Supports Heavy Loads

Due to their added weight and rigid tire structure, their tires are able to support heavier loads without you worrying about the tires collapsing and getting damaged.

Narrow and Wide Base Options

Solid Smooth Skid Steer tires come with both narrow base and wide base options, depending on the nature of the projects you are working on. The narrow base option offers a higher point loading. With a narrow base, you avoid the issue of spinning and enjoy reduced friction that enables your skid steer to navigate much more easily. The wider base provides more stability and increased flotation.

Fast, Simple Installation

Like all our solid skid steer tires, solid smooth tires require minimal time and exertion to install. They are built already bonded to high-quality steel rims. Simply bolt them on to your skid steer and you are ready to go!

Solid smooth skid steer tires are designed to be used on a wide selection of popular skid steer loaders from well-trusted names like Caterpillar, Case, John Deere, Mustang, Bobcat and much more. Contact one of our representatives today to find out more about our solid smooth skid steer tires. Our prices are the lowest you will find anywhere and we pride ourselves in stocking only premium grade, high-performing solid smooth skid steer tires. Call us today!