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Titan Heavy Equipment and Construction Equipment Tires

Goodyear Farm Tires and Titan Industrial Tires
Goodyear Farm Tires and Titan Industrial Tires

Titan Construction Equipment Tires and Goodyear Farm Tires

In 2005, Titan Tire Corporation closed on the acquisition of Goodyear’s North American farm tire assets, which included the manufacturing facility in Freeport, Illinois. Titan went on to acquire Goodyear’s Latin America farm tire business in 2010.

Titan is a major player in the heavy equipment tire supplier and company scene. They make Goodyear heavy equipment tires, as well as several other brands and models. Titan heavy equipment tires are well known for being extremely durable and strong.

Titan heavy equipment tires are designed for many different kinds of heavy equipment, such as loaders, backhoes, excavators, skid steers, wheel loaders, fork lifts, and cranes. All the different kinds of tires are specifically designed with the jobs in mind that those particular tires are going to have to do. This makes Titan Heavy Equipment Tires perfect for any construction site, since they are designed to be able to handle all the heavy equipment jobs you have.

Titan Heavy Equipment Tire Durability

Titan heavy equipment tires are designed with extra wide lugs and heavy duty ply ratings. This means that the tires are extra durable, for any kind of job site you need them to work at or any task you need done. Ply is a measure of the thickness and strength of the tire and of the tread, so high ply ratings mean the the tires can withstand brutal punishment and still keep going, no matter what the job is that you need them to do.

Titan heavy equipment tires are also designed to be puncture resistant, tear resistant, and crack resistant. This means that you can get more work done with less worrying about whether your tires are getting damaged on the job site.

Titan Heavy Equipment Tire Traction

Titan heavy equipment tires are engineered with tread for the most difficult terrain. While some heavy equipment tires might not be able to handle a certain level of slipperiness, Titan heavy equipment tires are designed to be able to work in mud and clay, as well as in gravel, which is not slippery but can be difficult terrain depending on how loose it is.

In fact, Titan heavy equipment is designed to perform outstandingly in all the most difficult terrain. If you have a job site that has loose soil or gravel that you are afraid that heavy equipment will have a hard time finding purchase on, or if you are having to deal with mud or clay at the job site, you need an excellent tire that will help you keep your job site safe. Titan heavy equipment tires are the perfect solution for situations like that.

Titan Heavy Equipment Tires for Industrial and Construction Uses

Different tires are designed to perform optimally in different situations. Not all tires are meant to be used in industrial uses or on construction sites. Titan makes several lines of tires that are meant for heavy duty use and in construction.

Titan Heavy Equipment tires and tire lines are:

  • Goodyear IT510
  • Goodyear IT520
  • Goodyear IT525
  • Goodyear IT530
  • Laborer
  • Sure Grip Lug
  • Titan Contractor
  • Contractor FWD
  • Industrial Tractor Lug

If you need a reliable and high quality tire that can handle working hard, Titan heavy equipment tires are a great choice for your work site.

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