Used Backhoe Tires – Buyers Guide

So Whats the Deal with Buying Used Backhoe Tires?

Backhoe Tires Buying Guide - Used Tires
Backhoe Tires Buying Guide – Used Tires

Here at BackhoeTires.Net, we are here to explain the complete buying guide for used backhoe tires. We outline everything you need to know when buying used backhoe tires including great deals, where to buy used backhoe tires and explain the incredible quality you can get with used backhoe tires. You can save a ton of money getting used backhoe tires for your equipment, you just have to look in the right place.

How Used are the Tires?

Many customers hesitate to get used tires because they are afraid they will be worn out or won’t be as high quality as new tires. At BackhoeTires.Net, we pride ourselves on providing you the information on where to buy used tires that are every bit as high quality as new tires. There are many places to buy used tractor tires, backhoe tires, skip loader tires and used tires for all other types of heavy equipment. The important thing to understand when buying used tractor tires is the exact condition they are in.

Here is a quick Used Tire Guide Chart:

  • E = Excellent
  • VG = Very Good
  • G = Good
  • F = Fair
  • P = Poor
  • S = Scrap

Typically, you will find used backhoe tires and tractor tires in either Poor (P) or Scrap (S). It is very rare to find used tractor tires that are in Excellent (E) or Very Good (VG) condition. Used tires in E or VG condition can be found, you just have to look hard enough.

The testing process of Used Tires

Make sure your used tires have been tested and approved by your state laws!

Your used tires have to pass a rigorous inspection before anyone put’s them up for sale online or somewhere like craigslist. If the tread is worn, the tire walls are weak, or anything else at all is wrong with them, a company or individual shouldn’t sell them. A company should only send tires to you if they are in pristine condition and will perform like new (Keep in mind, there are laws against selling tires with a low amount of tread). There may be a little dirt or scuff marks on the tires, but structurally they should be guaranteed to be absolutely sound.

But aren’t used tires already, well, used?

How can someone guarantee that their used tires won’t be worn out sooner than later? After all, they’ve already been used.

Actually, most of the used tires that we see here at BackhoeTires.Net haven’t really been used to 100% low levels of tread. They might have been the wrong size, or made for the wrong model of backhoe, or for some other reason were not what the previous owner needed. Some of the used backhoe tires never even made it on to a backhoe. If they did, they were used for less than 10 hours. This is something to look for when buying used backhoe tires and used construction equipment tires in general.

Pros of buying used backhoe tires

  • Affordable
  • Mediocre Quality
  • Buy Time to save for New Tires

The biggest benefit of buying used backhoe tires, of course, is the money you will save. For equivalent quality, you can walk out with a much better deal than you can often get with new backhoe tires. Your wallet stays fatter and your budget isn’t stretched so thin. That means you get to invest in other things your business needs, like advertising the new improvements you’re making to your fleet by replacing your backhoe/ tractor tires!

Another benefit of buying used backhoe tires is that they are semi-quality. With the rigorous testing process that all used backhoe tires should go through, you can be certain that your equipment will be rolling on reliable, sturdy, and heavy duty tires. This is a huge question in the industry of buying used tires, though. Many companies promise that they test their tires before they sell them. The problem with this is that most companies do not test their used backhoe tires before they sell them. Its rare that you find a company dedicated to selling used construction equipment tires and if you do find that company, trust them and not some local contractor down the street. Your construction equipment and heavy equipment is only as good as the tires that it rolls on, and you want to make sure that those tires are absolutely as high quality as possible to get the job done!

If you are really looking to buy used backhoe tires or used construction equipment tires, go to a company that specializes in selling used tires. By law, these companies are required to not only test the tires but they have to sell you used tires with a legal amount of operating tread life.

Cons of buying used backhoe tires

  • Low Quality Tires
  • Unsafe for Job Sites
  • Possibly Breaking the Law
  • Low Traction on Job Site
  • No Warranties or Guarantee
  • Signs of Wear and Tear

Let’s first discuss one point that is a HUGE drawback of buying used backhoe tires: lower quality. You always have to worry about used backhoe tires from being lower quality than new backhoe tires. The biggest problem with used backhoe tires is the guarantee, you cant buy with confidence. If you are a home owner looking to save a couple pennies, you should be OK buying used backhoe and heavy equipment tires; however, if you are running a legitimate business and you are buying used backhoe tires, you are not doing something right. There are laws and regulations against running tires with low tread levels and if you get caught, you can lose your business or even worse go to jail by risking your job site, employees and clients. It sounds crazy when you say it like that, but its true.

There is a serious problem when buying used backhoe tires

Used backhoe tires do not necessarily have the same warranties that new backhoe tires do. Manufacturer’s protection against damage within a certain number of hours of work put on the tires may only come on new tires. It is always wise to make sure you fully understand the warranty details before you make an important purchase such as backhoe tires or construction equipment tires.

Another drawback to buying used backhoe tires is cosmetic

You might get tires that have some scuff marks and signs of wear on them. If the tires were used at all, even though they were used for less than 10 hours, the time they spent working on a construction site will probably show on the outside appearance of the tires. Of course, cosmetic flaws do not have anything to do with how well the tire will work, and once you have used your new tires once they will be scuffed up anyway. But some people do like the look of brand new tires on their backhoe, even enough to pay for new tires.

The choice is yours… New or Used?

The choice between used backhoe tires and new backhoe tires is something that you have to make for your own business. Used backhoe tires can save you a lot of money, and you do not have to worry about sacrificing quality. Our experts can help you pick the right tires for your equipment and determine which purchasing option is right for your company. Give BackhoeTires.Net a call today to get started on your next purchase of new or used backhoe tires!